Global Satellite Engineering (GSE) was established in 2004 as an engineering and design firm to provide innovative engineering solutions for the satellite industry. Over the years, GSE has built up a reputation second to none with solutions being deployed for the military, aerospace, oil & gas, disaster recovery, shipping, security, marine and mining environments; with accreditations from all of the major satellite networks including: IridiumInmarsatThuraya and Globalstar

We design and create a wide range of products and services that range from hardware solutions such as satellite terminals to software solutions such as tracking solutions. Each of our products and services are designed to solve an opportunity in the marketplace and we pride ourselves in developing creative & innovative solutions.

GSE combines next generation technology with satellite and terrestrial communications, to help its clients improve their lives and build businesses by developing new opportunities. In many cases the communication needs are real-time and for mission-critical applications where transmission of data is vital. With a strong relationship with the satellite networks, and growing pool of intellectual property, fulfilling these needs with our product line is easy.  From one of our first projects for transmitting encrypted video over satellite for an avionics project, which many said could not be done, we designed, tested, and deployed a solution within six months using a bank of 16 satellite modems with custom firmware and a new multilink protocol designed in house.  Many similar projects simply show our teams dedication to deliver a solution on time and with the most features possible. 

Overall, we are ready for a challenge and excited by the potential solution.

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