Established in 2008, Wintec Solutions is a multichannel high-service distributor, focusing on premium, innovative brands and solutions.  Based in Johannesburg, South Africa, we specialize in supplying Sub Saharan Africa with power, telecoms and IoT, solutions and support. We excel in high level negotiations, solutions selling and facilitating business and consumer industries.  We offer reverse logistics, warehousing, bonded facility and export for easy facilitation to multiple destinations cost effectively.  We have extensive warehousing, bar coding and packaging facilities and many leading international brands look for us to facilitate their channel and sales business in Africa

Military in African Countries

The Military in African Countries are using the Globalstar Smart one C (a low-power Commercial IoT device) to locate their all-terrain military vehicles and high value assets in the fight against terror attacks.

Innovation in the military
Anti-poaching and conservations groups

Are integrating our SPOT units via API to work with their software’s to provide rangers, wildlife, pilots and high value assets visibility on the field where there is no signal and get emergency messages on poaching back to operations and control rooms.

Anti Poaching & Conservation Groups
Anti-rhino poaching units

An anti-Rhino poaching unit, located in the Kruger, at the forefront of anti-poaching techniques deploying K9’s to assist personal apprehend poachers with a phenomenal success rate. SPOT Trace used to track the individual K9’s in the pack, not only securing the K9’s, but providing vital information for ground and aerial support teams in the location, coordination, and apprehension of poachers.

Anti Poaching
Budissa Bagger | GSE

“Budissa Bagger uses GSat Track to monitor the assets of clients under warranty. We are a unique and specialised agricultural machinery supplier for silage bagging in the animal nutrition sector. Our machinery from Germany is highly advanced and enables the farmer to automate his ensiling process.

Budissa Bagger
Sports and recreation events

SPOT devices are used to manage athletes in the field.  They provide emergency SOS capability to a JOC and with the powerful mapping overlay GPX files to see participants along the route.

Innovation in sports & recreation

Is a portable power & storage trailer that operates entirely with products from the GOAL ZERO power station and solar range. With 10 000 watts of batter capacity, the trailer provides over 2000 USB outlets and secure storage at events around Africa.

Anti Poaching with Cake Bike & Goal Zero

An awesome Collaboration between CakeBike and Goal Zero South Africa, bringing Anti-Poaching solutions to new heights in Africa.  Speed is critical when rangers have to intercept armed poachers in the rough and remote terrain of Africa’s game reserves. But they also need to move silently – which is why a new electric bush bike could turn out to be an important addition to the continent’s anti-poaching arsenal.

Goal Zero & Cake bike

Our baggers are distributed across Sub-Sahara Africa, and we can monitor machines anywhere. We get the information we need: location & movement (activity), enabling us to monitor the machinery while working. In case of a field visit or call-out, we can quickly locate the machinery as it moves across farms and regions.”

Budissa Bagger GSAT
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