A global success with a local connection! SKROSS® is a Swiss company that has been the market leader for many years in providing innovative solutions for mobile travellers.  The all-in-one world adapters with country slider system from SKROSS® are based on an invention patented in 2002. Within a very short time, the World Adapter Classic – as the first one of our successful World Adapters – developed into a worldwide sales hit. Exports to over 60 countries confirmed that high-quality, multifunctional travel adapters that are both safe and compact attract tremendous international interest.

Simple charging – any time

With SKROSS®, staying fully charged is simple – anywhere around the world, on all continents. Our patented country slider system ensures connection in over 150 countries. At the same time, our products remain the most compact and easy to use on the market. That is what makes SKROSS® unique. And this has already impressed not just millions of travellers, but many judging panels as well. SKROSS® products have won numerous Red Dot Design Awards and Product of the Year accolades, recognising both their functionality as well as their design.

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